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  1. Cars - For Sale or Trade (FS or FT)
    I'm thinking about selling my 1st Gen CRX Si. I'm the 3rd owner. I bought it off of my friend who had bought it off the first owner at 55,000km I then bought it off him a year later with around 72,000km in about 1993/94. I can get exact dates I should have my sales receipt and all maintenance...
    $0 CAD
  2. Cars - For Sale or Trade (FS or FT)
    Selling all my cars for 15000, need a down payment for a house. -88 crx Si (silver, does not run but have title) -88 crx si (silver, wrecked, a shell with salvaged title) -90 crx si (red, runs completely stock, no title) -96 nissan altima (black, runs with title) Comes with all crx and nissan...
    $15,000 USD
  3. Cars - For Sale or Trade (FS or FT)
    1986 Honda Civic Crx Si 2Dr for sale. Engine & Transmission solid. Everything works as it should. Clear coat pealing n needs some minor body work . Price is 8499. Is pretty much in bone stock.119600 miles clean Title . This car in auction goes for average 20k. I need the money that’s why I’m...
    $8,999 USD
  4. Cars - For Sale or Trade (FS or FT)
    For Sale! 1985 Honda CRX Si (Fuel Injected) -- Serious offers only -- Must come see the car to make an offer - you can find my a for sale listing in the Orlando Craigslist, on Facebook Market Place, or the various CRX facebook groups. Car IS available those postings are still up. Engine was...
    $4,000 USD
  5. General CRX Discussions
    I bought an 89 crx si about a year ago and it's been a blast, but a lot of money to fix. First modification I made outside of some much needed maintenance is a a steering wheel. However, when researching the worth of the old wheel, I couldn't find this exact wheel anywhere online. This wheel...
1-5 of 5 Results