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  1. Community Rules
    Dear All, I have a 1997 ESI with an electric roof. All has been fine until a few months ago. It no longer functions fully, and sadly of everyone I have tried (Honda Garages, Electrical specialists, etc) none have be able to help. The best I have is a guesstimate from an old Honda mechanic...
  2. Stock Garage
    i’ve put in a new engine wiring harness, battery, and main relay in my 1990 crx dx.. when i turn it to accessory nothing turns on, i did relocate the battery to the trunk and i thought it was because of a weak ground so i added another one to the taillight harness but the same thing happens...
  3. Stock Garage
    I bought a 1990 crx with a d15b2 in it last year and it had no engine harness when i bought it, i got a new one and just recently finished it because there was a lot of chopped wires by the previous owner.. i just installed the battery and when i go to turn the key over to nothing happens...
1-3 of 3 Results