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195/60 tires in front, 185/65 tires in the rear...

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I just wanted to kno if by having these different sizes in the front and rear...would there be any significant negative changes to performance and wear? They both arent drastic in size, only about an inch of contact patch and a few mm on the sidewall difference, but i just want to know if there would be any drastic changes. thanks.
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thats actually not too crazy of a thought... thats been done in racing circles for a long time. For a daily driver, the biggest drawback will be the inability to rotate them... unless you want the wider in the rear for whatever reason... lol.

I was actually going to run a 205 width tire in the front of my old car, and a 185 in the rear, simply because i wanted forward traction, and i could deal with a bit less grip in the rear. But then again, i was more into drag racing.

However, i've seen it done on fwd race cars both auto-x and road course. Allows the rear to have a bit less traction than the front, and rotate easier without needing quite the same thickness anti-roll bar, and aggressive suspension settings. your mileage may vary, but it won't -hurt- perfromance necessarily, unless you actually need the added traction in the rear to make use of the wider rear.

Now, here is the REAL question... WHY are you wanting to do this? are you needing new tires for the street, and only able to come across the different sized tires for the price? If that is the case, the different sized tires will be better and safer than bald ones.. lol. Are you wanting a performance setup, and buying new tires? If thats the case, have you tried racing on tires the same size in 195 treadwidths? do you need more rotation out of the car? what sized anti-rollbar do you have?

There are tuns of questions when you start messing with this.. this is just the tip of the 'berg... hehe.
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Thanks for the information! The only reason I'm asking is because I needed new tires in the rear and ordered them online. So I ordered thinking I would be getting the same sized tires that i currently have on the rex as stated on the site I bought them from. But I stupidly didn't double check to make sure that I was getting the rite size. Oh well, at least they are bout 4 bucks cheaper than the 195/60's haha.

ComposiMo said:
what sized anti-rollbar do you have?
I will hopefully soon be autoxing this rex and will hopefully by then have enough money to buy new, grippy tires for all fours. But for a newbi like myself at autox what size sway bar would you suggest?
Well, thats sorta a loaded question, becaused more info is needed aout your setup... but for now, i would say that since you are a beginner on street tires, stick to your stock one... learn to get your car in its current form as fast as you can get it. And before you think that 3 laps and now you've done it as fast as you can, let one of the driving instructors take a couple of laps in your car and show you what it -really- can do... you'll be suprised 8)

But i wouldn't go very far from stock until you can at least get close to the DI's time.
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