I'm thinking about selling my 1st Gen CRX Si. I'm the 3rd owner. I bought it off of my friend who had bought it off the first owner at 55,000km I then bought it off him a year later with around 72,000km in about 1993/94. I can get exact dates I should have my sales receipt and all maintenance records. I've had it stored in my garage for the past 17 years the last plate sticker is 2005. It has approx. 220,000km. It has only seen about 6 winters.
I had the car stolen in May of 1998 and was found a week later with a new paint job. The car was restored to original black by insurance company, and the police had new vin number tags affixed to the car. This should all be in a carfax search I would assume. I will post more pictures and more info if I receive any interest. The car has a few minor issues but runs great. I start it almost every month and run it around the block when weather permits. You will be hard pressed to find any rust on the car. It's a must see.
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