1988 Honda civic Si Coupe 2D -> $1,750

About This Vehicle
  • Driven 249,223 miles
  • Manual transmission
  • Exterior color: Red · Interior color: Grey
  • Fuel type: Gasoline
  • Fair condition (needs minor repairs to drive)
  • Clean title

Seller's Description
  • 1988 HONDA CRX-SI
*note, exterior pics are a little old, the car may have picked up a few more dings since then, etc. but they are a pretty close likeness, and nothing that would affect the value.

This sweet Honda was my daily driver for about 3-4 years. It's a pleasure to drive, and was reliable enough for me to drive from Denver to Beaver Creek 5+ days a week for 3 summers (summer work gig). It has been sitting covered for about 6-8 months. I'm confident it will crank up and run (meaning in my back yard before you buy it if you bring a battery and battery connectors at least)


----- WHO IS THIS CAR FOR? -----
  1. Honda enthusiast that either wants to
    a) fix up the most sought after classic Honda ever sold in the USA (this is it).
    b) Has one of these with a mostly good body, and needs a 100% original working engine and or transmission (either one of these would cost about the same as my price on this whole car).

  2. You have some other need for an all original 105hp fuel-injected D16A6 all-aluminum engine in working order

  3. Some kid (or older adultish-person with kid like tendencies) that wants to throw a couple hundred bucks into making it drivable so you can experience the thrill of driving around in one of the last and greatest automobiles of it's era, and could care less about some rust and dented up body.
    (it's awesome to drive, especially in the mountains and has the feeling of a hybrid racecar/gocart that does 70 in 4th gear!)

Needs the following: (if you want to drive it)
Needs new Radiator (which is why its been parked). Top part of radiator blew, but I could fill it up & it would be fine if you just want to see it crank and run for a bit.
Needs new battery and battery connectors.
Depending on the size and shape of the battery, you may need battery cable extensions as well. -
Needs new hinges for hatchback. Currently only attached by hydraulic pieces. -
The body isn't great, and the interior is in rough shape - drivers window cranking mechanism needs to be replaced


Below are a few links for those that aren't familiar with the background of this little beauty....