Car is also listed on AutoTrader Classics and has about 250 photos to better understand the CRX

1990 Honda CRX HF with free and clear AZ title. The following was conducted circa 2009: D15B6 engine received new Wiseco forged pistons (0.5mm oversize), new OEM crankshaft and camshaft bearings (fit verified using PlastiGage), and full head reconditioning by Gary's Automotive Machine Shop in Tucson, AZ. OEM flywheel, clutch disc and pressure plate installed. All seals replaced on the stock HF transaxle. New radiator and all coolant lines replaced with OEM rubber. OEM heater core replaced. OEM fuel pump installed. OEM catalytic converter installed, all cat-back exhaust tubing replaced and new Remus muffler installed. Manual steering rack was disassembled, cleaned, lubed and all rubber components replaced. Additionally, steering rods, rod ends, ball joints, upper control arms were replaced. Many of the suspension and engine cradle components were powder painted satin black while apart. Car has always passed emissions and oil never needs to be added between oil changes. Always driven by a mature driver and has never been overheated since the major upgrades started in 2009. At some time after 2009, brakes at all 4 corners upgraded to CRX Si to include new rotors, calipers, proportioning valve, master cylinder, Si front hubs and Si half axles. Non-functioning gauge cluster received maintenance at a local shop and reset to 0 miles. Actual mileage prior to major 2009 maintenance is unknown. There is also a LoJack in the CRX. Original seats reupholstered and there is left-over fabric that comes with the car. A thick, fitted carpet kit was also added. Old school analog water temperature and oil pressure gauges were also installed. A gauge light dimmer (not installed) comes with the car. Custom made water temperature sending unit frame can be seen at the upper water inlet at the head in the engine photos. The oil pressure is linked to the engine, behind the oil filter, via a steel braided line that uses leak-free stainless AN fittings. AC converted to R134a and blew cold until early 2021. A local AC shop (AZ Auto Refrigeration) evacuated system, leak-checked, added dye and recharged. AC stopped working again after a few days so there is a leak somewhere in the system. September 2015: AutoPage 2-way alarm with 3 mile range functions normally with the addition of solenoid door locks for convenience. Circa 2015: Ground Control coil over conversion with Koni struts added. All suspension pivot joints have been replaced about this same time. All 4 struts have adjustable damping via removeable knob at the top of each strut. Front struts have Ground Control 'Top Hat' strut towers. Struts need to be replaced. The body has zero rust and has spent most of its life in Henderson, NV, and in Phoenix/Flagstaff/Tucson, AZ. Owner is unaware of any collision damage other than the dented driver door and replaced front left fender that substantially matches the original red paint because it is also an older red paint. Additional parts that come with the CRX are a straight, rust-free driver side door with non-matching paint, an OEM front left fender in black primer, two extra HF transaxles, new OEM quarter window seals, a non-installed OEM clutch cable and an extra alternator that probably works or would make a good core. Note: shown in one of the photos, the driver side door limiter was rebuilt and screwed into the door jam using 4 button head screws. This functionally works but is not pretty. Engine and transmission oil recently replaced. Brake flush recently conducted. The last timing belt service was circa fall 2018 and included new timing belt, tensioner, crankshaft and camshaft oil seals, new water pump and coolant flush, valve cover gasket replacement with valve adjustment, spark plug replacement. The temperature gage cluster has been repaired using the aluminum face support that is common and functions well. The Sony stereo sounds great through 4 speakers at factory locations (speaker brand unknown), has a functioning remote control, and USB front port. Fuel economy used to be about 50mpg and has since declined to about 40mpg for unknown reasons. Rear window defroster does not work. Passenger window may roll down but may not roll back up. Front window has lots of micro-pitting and a couple rock hits and needs to be replaced soon. On occasion the engine will not crank. Wait a few minutes and then the engine will crank over. This might be a starter relay going bad but has not been investigated. Maintenance-free battery is less than 1 year old. Please contact me with questions and I will give you an honest answer. Car to be picked up in Tucson, AZ.