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1gen DX block/head

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K guys... what kind of block and head come standard on the 1 gen DX... I pulled the valve cover on the DX and found 16 valves... is that normal?
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Nothing? The 87 DX has a 16 valve D15A2 motor in it. (one normal sized one and a really small valve on the exhaust side.) The 85 Si has an engine code tag on the passenger side of the upper radiator support with an EW3 prefix, while sporting the 12 valve head/ injection setup.

Is this standard?
Sorry man. I used to own an 86 DX, but I didn't know very much about cars back then, so I rarely even looked under the hood :) I thought they were all EW engines in the 1gens though...?
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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