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1gen Not Passing Smog

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I'm having a difficult time getting the EW3 motor (FI 1.5 Si) to pass smog... Mostly HC but also CO%. I've been told that my current exhaust setup, a Chikara 4-2-1 header that relocated the O2 sensor to the collector, is the probable cause. However, on my 88 Si, the O2 sensor is in the collector of my DC Sport Header...

Any ideas? Motor was recently tuned up and runs great, and has a brand new catalytic converter.
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run the tank down to about 1/4 full or less

add one gal of denatured alcohol

drive for 10-12 miles

go pass the test

fill tank up and spend the next year fixing the problem

This will get you very low #'s

good luck
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Had it at work yesterday on the smog machine, and have come to the conclusion that I have a bad sensor somewhere, making the motor think it's still cold. I think I've narrowed it down to the TW sensor, as the resistance I get from the sensor at the ECU when its warm is something like 15 M ohms...I think it should something like 30 ohms.

In regards to the alcohol... I'm not really too impressed with the results I got last year when I used it to pass smog on my 88... Yes I passed, but not by much. This year I hooked up my 88 Mini me to the machine, and adjusted the idle speed and timing to see where it would run the cleanest... advanced a bit and at 1100rpm. Passed with flying colors!
I guess it varies with setup.

But you passed, and that was the goal, so I don't see where the lack of being impressed with the #'s applies. That's like saying you weren't impressed with the way someone rescued you from a fire.

I had got down to the line with the time to pass. It passed with the alcohol and I was able to track things down without stress.

Alcohol is NOT to fix it, just to give you time to fix it with a current tag.

Now if you have the repair needed identified, I agree fix that 1st.
Alcohol is not to avoid fixing things. It's to give you time to do so.

I had a bad O2 sensor, among some maintenance that was needed.
I needed to wait for my next pychk to fix things and had to test b4 then.

Just because of the alcohol, my #'s dropped 50-75% depending on what was being measured. No, it didn't fix it, that's not what it was for. It passed me, that's all I wanted it to do.
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