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225 tires too wide in the back?

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I found a good deal on some 225/50/16 tires. Are these too wide to put on the back of a CRX that is not lowered?

They'd be going on Buddyclub P1 16x7
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Those are going to be pretty big. I am pretty sure they are gonna rub...why on the back?
Cause I know they'll be too big in the front! :lol:
I know for a fact that 225/50/16 will not fit in the rear on my CRX, but mine is lowered also, not stock height. Rubbed the fender bad, only on the car for 30 seconds lol.
Edit: I agree with Seti. Mixing and matching sizes is not wise. Some experts do it, but they have actual track data to back it up (Hasport)

I tried the wheels on the car to see if they looked good and were correct offset (they were prolly a +38~40..a Rota wheel). Just happened to have same section width and sidewall ratio lol.
No problem. Thanks for the warning guys. :)
They will rub bad(is they even fit) if your car is lowered. My brothers 205/50/15 in the rear were rubbing. His wheels must have a big offset though because I have 205/50/15 on my car without a problem.
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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