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So I picked up a car that's got a decade on me and now I wanna be cool so here's my plan for my "new" car as well as a general summary of where it stands as of this post.

Wheel Tire Automotive parking light Vehicle Land vehicle
Tire Car Wheel Automotive tire Vehicle
Wheel Tire Vehicle Car Automotive tail & brake light
Hood Automotive lighting Motor vehicle Wood Trunk
Car Automotive parking light Vehicle Automotive tail & brake light Tire

The car is a 1988 Hoonda CRX Si. 200k miles. Body is a little beat up and the rear quarter panels are rusting. I received it without an interior and the classic broken ac panel, mystery exhaust, no brakes, no radio (not the factory option), three speakers, no drivers interior door handle, busted light housings, aaaaaaand a slough of other issues. HOWEVER despite the rusty QPs the underside is relatively free of rust. my guess is the factory sprayed this one twice or someone had the thought of getting it done. Either way I'm grateful. The Stock D16A6 runs. it needed a valve adjustment but otherwise was fine.

Plans for this car is to be a daily so I will be focusing on repairing things and while I will be modifying this car, I do not intend on anything crazy like AWD or say a k swap..... anyway, I will be making a conceded effort to improve the already great handling. Primary objective is smiles per mile. Suspension will be where I throw the most money. Since this purchase I have started to fall in love with the mini me builds and am contemplating buying another engine and building it myself. Im on the fence on which is more reliable, forced induction, or high compression. Idk, im new so get ready to see mistakes.

THE BODY & Paint is a high priority but I do not possess the skill to weld steel yet so I am leaning towards a resto shop I know of. it would be stupid expensive but it would yield a better result.
Checklist (organized by priority. subject to change)
Valve Adjustment
Timing Belt
Fuel leaks
Master Cylinder

Seats - DA9 Integra
Interior Trim*
Climate Control Faceplate
Rear Triangles install
Front Lip reinstall
Sunroof Repair
Rims & Tires
Theft Deterrents
Power locks
EF sedan rear door handle swap
Steering Wheel & QR Hub
Coilovers - PG 350/350
Sway Bars - PG
Control arms - S1 Built
camber kit - Megan Racing
RUBBER bushings
Rear disc conversion
Shock Tower Braces
4pt harness
Hidden Subwoofer
Wire tuck
Engine bay


While I am new to honda I have been lurking this site for about 3 ,months and have a general idea of what I want out of this thing. Now the suspension components are expensive and rather high end and while i have beer pockets I retain my wine taste. Cosmetic changes are not a concern of mine with the exception of doing a wire tuck and a bit of engine bay dress up. Im hoping the whole car looks stock from a distance and it wont be until you take a good long look at it that you see those very subtle touches. right now those touches are rust but who knows what the future holds?

I dont want to hear creaks and feel every gravel i touch so Im going with rubber rather than poly or spherical bushings.

Any suggestions are welcome!

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yeah I am chasing a problem where it starts and idles for a sec, then immediately dies. I think I have narrowed the problem down to fuel as it runs just fine when fuel is supplied manually. It also dies when you try to give it any throttle. Idk, this one is a real head-scratcher for a noob like me haha.

Ive checked the IACV, Injectors, plugs & wires, distributor, timing, main relay, fuel pump, wiring to the pump and sending unit, aaaand the ecu harness. No codes are being thrown, and I've already done about 16 hrs of research both on this forum, and other socials/sites. I am getting a new fuel filter and a pressure test kit tomorrow and I'll be testing the regulator as well. The regulator looks original so I'm thinking about replacing it regardless of if its bad.

Also Baker, I see you in literally every post on this site. good on you for being a big help to everyone on here! Also read your stuff and really like what you said in your feature. makes me feel good to know the most active member on here has a similar mindset to what I try to have!

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Sadly, I'm one of maybe 4 regular members that still post anymore.
I among many other members on here, back in the day posted a lot of info on this site, helping set up the FAQ section in each forum so folks could find the info they needed more easily.
That feature was so long ago, 2008! I ended up selling that car bare bones back in 2012.
I no longer have a Crx, but will always be a loyal Honda enthusiasts, as that is all I have driven over the last 25 years or so, currently daily driving a base model 5spd '06 Rsx.
Well It looks like Imma be here a while bc as you can see, I got alot of work ahead of me. Im so grateful for the FAQ on this site. tons of knowledge and any broken links can be found with the wayback machine. Ive got a good library of literature on this vehicle because of this site. Im definitely more prepared for this than on previous projects.

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Good to see another 88 up for restoration. As you will find out parts for these cars are difficult to find any longer. The rust issue is something you want to take a close look at, since that may determine where you want to take the car. I have a couple of rust areas on mine, that was how I justified doing some solo events with it, and not trying to keep it truly OEM. But now those days are over with this car, I may get around to finally addressing some of the areas that need repaired. True OEM original cars are pretty rare these days, and command a fairly high price. Also tend to attract car thieves as well, so keep that in mind. Hate to spend all the time and money restoring a good car, just to have it stolen once finished. Happened recently to another member.
A lot of valuable info on this site, so whenever questions come up, most likely someone here will have an answer. Good luck.
yeah I was just reading that thread, really sucks. Im planning on adding 2 kill switches, removable wheel, and I had an idea for protecting against tow aways. It would basically be like a trigger lock for a gun, it'll have a key and be removable so I can use the tow points if I need to. I know there is no way to make a car theft proof so i guess we just gotta settle for theft deterrence.

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Just a head up on the 4pt harness you want to install. The proper way to do it is to use a roll-bar (Autopower) so the angle of the belt is at the right degree. For some reason, a lot of people mounted the belts to the floor pan which would result in a broken back if there was ever an impact. That being said, I wouldn't recommend a roll-bar on a daily/street car if you like your head being round.

Also, good luck with your project! Reminds me when I started mine 16 years ago.
Thats a very good point to make! Growing up in an era where airbags are standard, kinda makes me fear this car. I may just be a scaredy cat but improving safety is on the priority list. I learned harnesses were a good way to do that if they were mounted correctly. I am looking into the Blox racing harness bar. mounts to the B pillars and seems like it doesn't compromise too much space. not a bad price too! ~$204

I agree on the roll bar, not really practical, or safe for rear end collisions.

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Lil Update for y'all. Plus some speculation (as a noob does)

Alright so I've done a few things and have figured out why it wouldn't start. The no-start situation was caused by a combination of incompetence on my part, and several old fuel pumps. The OE pump wasn't pumping so I bought one from AutoZone. The box smelled like mildew but I put the darn thing in anyway 🤦‍♂️. After figuring out I had wired the 3 prong plug up wrong, and fixing all the fuses that blew, I determined that the "new" pump I put in wasn't pumping either. So I am now ordering a Walbro 255 from amazon. This is something I had planned in the future but since access to good parts is very limited, I decided to go ahead and upgrade. I intend to increase the hp a little anyway, and with the way things are going, The injectors might be next, along with a new regulator. That said, I dont want to go that route quite yet. I'd like to drive the thing first.

Self deprecating ramblings aside, I have tried my hand at polishing what was left of this paint. The result is really good! has a good shine, and the smaller imperfections are all but gone. its just the massive cracks in the clear coat that i can't fix. I intend to get it repainted in Rio Red to retain value. I was just bored while the power was out yesterday. I also painted my battery tray and radiator supports bc they were rusty.

I'm also polishing my valve cover, I saw someone do it and it was so beautiful. My ADHD brain loves shiny, what can i say?

So yeah, that's what I've been into, that and driving the SiR on Assetto.
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