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400 cars busted in Minneapolis, MN

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I've always felt that the best way to combat street racing is to have an inexpensive legal drag strip nearby.
Kinda funny if you ask me.

Kinda off topic, but, If you do an engine swap how do you prove you own it? BIll of sale?
It is funny, but it seems like a lot for a little. 400+ cars means 400+ people with 28 racers and 10 tickets.
Several cities have tracks with opne events for street racers. Police even bring a prepped car to race. My military unit built a 69 Camero to race. It is a good way to recruit.
What a waste of money and resources.

Cars get impounded. They pay a fine, and get their car back minus storage fee. Tickets don't even pay for time spent.
The arrest are more worth while. If they'd found stolen stuff, too.

But with this pathetic result I can't blame the racers for laughing the cops off.
thats funny, but also really wack. If you go racing like that least have more then one road to get away with.
that was a joke.
funniest line in the video: reporter says the engine i.d. number is in a "secret location" ha ha
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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