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85 CRX has no spark

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I just bought a 1985 CRX SI and I’ve been trying to get it to run, I’ve replaced the ignition coil, starter and spark plugs and cannot get spark to the spark plugs. I’ve been zapped quite a few times just holding the spark plug wires and was wondering if it would be worth replacing the wires before the distributor, my other thought was replacing the alternator but that would be last resort. Any ideas from veteran CRX owners? I’m very new to the community and it’s definitely a new experience to work on a car like this, I was hoping to get some help from someone a little more knowledgeable than I.
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You should have started doing some basic troubleshooting before you started throwing parts and money at it.
I would have worked backwards from the spark plugs before replacing anything.
Since your getting pokes off the plug wires it’s at least trying to make spark. I would take a look at timing to see if the spark is showing up on time.

Check your cam timing to see if cylinder #1 is correctly aligned with the crank at the TDC mark. Also check that the distributor rotor is pointed at the #1 plug wire.

It’s possible your timing belt has jumped a few teeth or the rotor is loose on the shaft.

After checking the timing check spark plugs and make sure that they are good and gapped.
Inspect spark plug cables. You can hear them arcing if they are bad. Check them while someone cranks the engine, or crank it during night time at a really dark place.

you will see sparks wherever the cable is bad( specially at the ends or areas that are rubbing against smeting else( specially metal.)

Test the car for fresh fuel and that it's making it to the combustion chambers..

Add a shot of fresh fuel through the carburetor and give it a try.
If you have fuel injectors even a TBI you can spray a bit of starting fluid or fuel with a spray bottle. Be SUPER SAFE.
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