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85 on the verge of putting her to sleep x(

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well.......ill start with the fact that i bought a $500 85 si. ive had problems with it since i had it for the first 20 mins.......ive blown out brake lines on the turnpike, the tranny blew on me, replaced the axles, and then the head gasket blew.all of these have been replaced using my friends crx that he wrecked. this all happened within the first six months. i just finished putting on the new head gasket, intake manifold gasket,header gasket, new timing belt and alternator belt.......not to mension that the medusas head worth of vac lines were all put back into their original positions. in theory it should run correctly, right?
unfortunatly this is not the case. the ecu is now reading bad vac to the map sensor, which is a line that i havnt touched at all. the car refuses to start. it kicks as if it is going to but alas, it does not. i do know that i need a new idle air control valve. does any one know if the IAC would cause it not to start even if ive got my foot on the gas? and as for the map sensor, there is not vaccuum in the lines from the charcoal canister to the map sensor. any suggestions on what i can do the remedy my situation?is there a way i can clean the cannister or do somethin to get the vac back into that line?
oh, i forgot to mention, that if the car does start it pops and putters, and the only way for it to stay on if if the pedal is mashed to the floor in which case it only goes up to 2,000 rpm until the pgmfi light goes on, then she dies.
also what is the cannister? my patience with this car is growing short, and id hate to get rid of her. ive been workin on it for six months or so and id hate to see all the work being in vain. if anybody needs any sound clips or video or anything like that to help, it is in short...........
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Um...the MAP sensor doesn't connect to the charcoal canister... it connects to the throttle body right below and to the passengers side, the vacuum port is pointed directly at the firewall. The vacuum port on the IACV directly below the MAP sensor and pointing to the drivers seat area (through the firewall) needs to be capped.

Reset the ECU for 15 seconds or so, and try that and see if it helps.
Let us know if it helps or not.
hey.........well there are 2 stems under the map sensor that come to a 'Y' shaped connector which then routes to the cannister. theres no vacume coming through the line. from the looks of it, they havnt been moved since the manufacturer connected them........ theres a vac line that runs from the throttle body to the canister then the a line from the canister to the map sensor..........ill take pics tomarro and ill post them so you can have a better idea.........or should i just route the vaccume line connected to the cannister from the map sensor right to the throttle body? ill still take pics so you can take a closer look.
Dont know if you have something like this but i thought i post it up.

Taken from a well used Chilton for a Honda CRX
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