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I've got an interesting problem. Have an 86 CRX HF w/1.5L carbed engine and over 200K miles on it. Thought it would be a good idea to rebuild it. Apparently, my engine is a real freak. Found the crankshaft journal sizes are not even close to the specs in the service manual. Mains are 42mm, but manual says they should be 50mm for 1500cc engine. Rod journals are 38mm, but manual says they should be 42mm. I found that the 1300cc engine used in earlier years has 38mm rod journals, so presumably I can use those bearings. The stroke on the crank is 86.5mm, so it definitely is a 1500cc engine. Can't find any aftermarket supplier of main bearings for this engine that are 42mm--all parts listed seem to be for the 50mm size journals. Even the 1300 engine specs call for 45mm main journals, so they are also too big. The engine type code stamp is EW1, which is supposedly correct, and it is also the code on the data plate on the core support. The machine shop that has my block is befuddled, the Honda master mechanic I spoke to thought I was high when I told him my engine had smaller journals and suggested I remeasure, which I did, and they haven't grown at all--still 42mm. The local Honda dealer gave me some part numbers, but when I ran them through the Honda Parts Warehouse, I found the same numbers listed for all versions of CRX in 1986, including the DX and Si, so I'm sure if I order them, they will be 50mm bearings. Anybody out there come across this situation before? Any help I can get would be greatly appreciated.
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