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86 CRX - Replaced Fuel Pump, problem persists but different

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If you'd like to see the problem I was having then go to this thread: ... 285.0.html

So, I had a fuel pump already so I decided to go ahead and change it out. The car ran beautifully for about a week. Then the problem came back but it has been different. Before, it would only happen usually in the evening after being driven then sitting for a while. When it would happen it would stumble, I'd give it gas which would rev it up, but then it would die and not start until the next morning.

Now, the problem doesn't come at a specific time, it just pretty much always happens. Now, it will fluctuate from about 1100-900 RPMS and if I don't give it gas it will keep fluctuate at lower and lower RPMS down to about 300 to 500, but, it hasn't died on me. Now, when I give it gas it will rev up and stay revved up unlike before. If I drive it for a while then when I let off the gas at a light or something, it will stay normal for about a minute or so before starting to act eratic. If I keep it revved over 2000 RPMS it will stay pretty normal, but below that it will start to stumble.

I'm getting married in two weeks and this car is causing way more stress than that! I guess maybe the fuel pump was going bad and making the problem worse, but now I don't know what to do. Does it point back to the carb now? Are there any other diagnostics I can run or should I just give up and take it to the shop?
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Sounds like a carb problem. A bad needle valve and seat can cause what you're describing in the link.

When you take it to a shop they will likely tell you they can't fix it because they haven't worked on carbs in over ten years.

Your best bet is to find a carb specialist if they even exist anymore. Last one I seen around here went out of business about 10 years ago.
See if you have a small engine repair / tractor shop around town. They work on carbs all the time.

One of them may help you rebuild your carburetor.
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