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ok so i have been trying to get this damn car moving for awhile now. it is a 84 ish dx with the 86 SI motor in it. the MPFI one. any way for some reason the car starts to buck very hard above 2500-3000 ish rpm and then dies. also for some reason it is very hard to get it started after it does this. but if we let it sit for awhile then try again it will start up just fine. also the car free revs perfectly, it will go all the way to red line no problem.

so this is what we have checked/replaced
distributor - replaced
battery - replaced
fuel pressure - perfect
ECU- replaced
grounds - all of them have been sanded and new wires installed
alternator - pulled the battery off while the car was running and it didn't even notice

Any ideas? Because I'm stumped. My only thought is the ignitor but it's a 110 dollar part and I don't want to go replace it if it isn't the problem.

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