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Not sure if anyone will remember me or care... any OG resource members out there LOL

Anyways, I sold my CRX 2 years ago or so for a 2004 EP3 hatch.... and yea... car payments sucks... so it may be going up for sale pretty quick here and I'm hoping to get back in teh EF scene. Not a CRX this time but rather a EF JDM SIR hatch I'm hoping.

Anyways, couple pics...

old CRX

stock EP3

EP3 w/ CTR wheels

EP3 w/ Rota slips

So yea, not sure what I'm gonna do with the new hatch but I want an old hatch... and i want one bad. Currently talking with a local importing company and since Canada has the whole 15 year rule 91 SIR's are legal for importing. Might not post much as i dont have much relivant info right now but I will be lurking lol.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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