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89 HF with obd0 b16, knock sensor

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I've got an 89 crx hf with obd0 b16 and pr3 ecu, I'm trying to wire the knock sensor I know it's supposed to go to pin B19 but my wiring diagram is saying that's the ELD (electrical load detector) do I need this? am I good to go on my wiring? any help appreciated thank you
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Give the new ECU the signals it’s looking for.

Since the PR3 does not call for an ELD you don’t need one. With the stock ECU the ELD signal gives the ECU feedback on electrical load. It’s used to help stabilize the idle with electrical load change and as part of the alternator cutback control.

It looks like the PR3 is expecting a second O2 sensor. If you have the stock exhaust manifold for the ECU it will have both mounting locations. If you don’t have the stock cast manifold to match the ECU you will need a 4-2-1 header with O2 bungs just past both 4-2 junctions. If using a generic 4-2-1 header you may need to use header wrap at least to the O2 bungs. Ideally shielded wire should be used for the electrical connection to the sensor. Do a little research to figure out what cylinder pairs match to sensor A and B.

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