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90-91 gauge cluster into 88-89?

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I could have sworn this was a common swap.
I've been searching for over an hour and can't find what I need (not just here either). Anyone have a list/chart/diagram of the wiring differences?

I have 89 crx Si, I am wanting to install a 91 crx Si cluster. Plugs are the same but I know some of the wires need to be re-pinned in different places.
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Here you go. I did this same thing a little while ago, the plugs are pretty big so you can just push the wires out with a screwdriver. You also need the corresponding bezel/hood and the defroster, hazard, and dimmer switches. You could skip the hazards and leave the column-mounted 89 one in, but you'll have a hole, and if you do put the 90-91 one in, you might want a new cover for the steering column.
about the extra or redundant hazard and defogger switches, you can use them to control accessories like foglights, manual fan switch, etc.

i used a 88-89 defogger switch in the vertical position next to the sunroof switch and it made for a good representation of a fan switch. the wavy lines oriented horizontally look like wind, if you use your imagination. it even lit up when it was on as a reminder. and of course, fits like stock.
Thanks yall, I figured I should have come back inside and checked this. Probly would have saved me a lot of time. Instead I just went out and did this: lol

Traced out all the paths on the back of each cluster and figured where it all needed to be.
Which ended up with this:

And by some miracle it works. I did end up leaving the stock dimmer switch under the dash because the newer one fried for some reason(dash light got dimmer and dimmer and then out, then smelled slightly cooked elec.), left the rear defogger alone and unhooked because it doesn't work anyway, & the hazzard switch alone too. And I was thinking like tyson about using those switches for something else, just don't know for what yet.

Also kinda funny but if I'd have done this a few weeks ago I could have had the exact same milage between the 2 clusters.
old 184257
new 181178

Thanks again yall.
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