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90 si seats in my dx

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Yep, I tagged some pretty nice 90 crx si seats for 120. Im about to pick em up and I was just wondering if they are a direct swap ? So far I've read that its four bolts to remove. Can anyone explain to me the process of taking out the seats and putting them in? Im sure there must be some tips and tricks to it. thanks :D
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if your car is a 90-91 and the seats have the 90 rails on them still, all you need to do it take out the 4 bolts holding the seats in, remove the old seats...and as they Haynes manual would say....Installation is reverse of removal.
Yep, as stated if you have a 90-91 just take out the bolts, you will have to unplug the harness for the seatbelt light, and take out the old seat, and install in reverse order.
sounds gooood. the seats actually dont have the rails. If I understand this correctly, Im going to have to remove the 4 bolts to disconnect the seat from the rail? or is the rail attached to the pan still? then bolt them on the si seats? how does it go ? :?
what you will need to do it take out the 4 bolts, that will remove the seat and the rail. Flip the seat upside down and remove the bolts holding the rail to the seat pan. Bolt your rails to the new seats and bolt them back in the car.
alright cool. thanks a bunch :D
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