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9005 used for lowbeams question

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theres nothing wrong with using the highbeams in the low beam sockets if I did the conversion right? Im just wondering if they will die out faster because they arent meant to be on all the time? just a thought
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They probably will not last as long as a good 9006 bulb. I've seen estimates of 300 hours versus 1000 for stock. That should still last at least a few months though, and they're cheap. You can get new pairs of 9005s for $20 or $30.
I've been running mine like this for about a year now. They last plenty long. I haven't really noticed any difference in life, jsut a difference in light.
Just go for it, if you don't like it then just switch it back the bulbs. There is really no side effects.

The 9005 bulbs 65W are brigther and just don't last as long as the 9006 but it isn't that expensive and hard to change out

Go for the long life 9005 types
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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