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91 rear lights

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Someone near me is selling 91 tail lights for 50. I have an 89. would they fit? I am sick of the clear ones I have.
Another guy is selling a WW 6 piece kit for 299! Not a bad deal, but I have no use fo rit.
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yes they will fit.

90-91 > 88-89 taillights
Yep, they will fit. They look a little better than 88-89 tails, and a LOT better than clear tails. I painted the center section and trim around the taillights on my 91 tails...I think this looks great on a black or otherwise very dark colored car, but not so great on a lighter colored car.
SETI20 said:
Black trim looks decent on most cars.
I meant when, for instance, someone paints the center section and taillight trim yellow on a Y-49 car...that doesn't look as good to me as black on a black car.
The a_hole is now trying to get more money after he advertised 50 bucks! screw him.
The plugs for the bulbs are different, but they bolt in fine
i agree with baker the 88-89 taillights look better[/quote]
rex2nr said:
The plugs for the bulbs are different
If you use 90-91 tails, the 90/91 bulb harness with not plug into 88/89. You need to use your 88/89 bulb harness if using 90-91 tail lights.
1 - 12 of 12 Posts
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