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On the morning of the thrilling and glorious UCLA football victory over the choking dogs of USC, my son and I drove out to The Streets of Willow racetrack for a day of nearly unlimited runs sponored by While the rest of the country was gripped in the clutches of Old Man Winter, Sun Kissed California was having just another Perfect Day. The cool, crisp moring gave way to a mildly warm sunny day in the mid-70s with a slight breeze.

After a brief but informative driver's meeting, the 60 or so drivers where broken into three run groups of roughly equal size: Beginers, Intermediates and Advanced drivers. Largely the greatest difference between the Intermediates and the Advanced groups where the level of preperation and engine displacement of the cars. My 87' Si took top honors for the smallest displacement of any car. There were lots of Evos, WRXs, BMWs, a brace of S2000s and a scattering of other Honda/Acura products along with the typical Porsche/Corvette stuff. As usual, the Mazda crowd was well represented with Miatas, RX7's and an RX8.

The beginers got classroom lectures between their run groups while more experienced drivers tore up the track. This is a newb friendly environment; I brough my 17 year old son to this event for his first on-track experience. His '90 Prelude 2.0Si is not prepped beyond being in good street tune with fresh tires and brakes, but the point of this exercise for him was to get some time at speed in his daily driver. It is better to make a mistake in a safe controlled environment than on the street.

Each run group got about 15 minutes on the track followed by about 30 minutes while the other two groups ran. This cycle ran continously all daywith a brief 30 minute lunch. From the 9am first start to the last run group at dusk, each driver got close to two hours of track time. Compare that to 3 minute thirty runs on a typical autocross day!

I always begin slowly and build to the fastest laps as the day progresses. My first two sessions where spent learning the counter clock wise rotation format of this day's event. I have driven The Streets clockwise many times and one of the attractions of this day's event was the novel format. Although I was hesitent at first, I think I prefer The Streets in the CCW format.

Towards the end of my day, I was on full afterburner. My tiny EW4/D15A3 was not the measure of the S2000's in the straights, but I could hound the newer roadsters through the courses tight turns. Although this is not a "race" I could pressure the S2000s to yield to my superior over-all speed.

S2000- $35,000
Day at the track- $120
Kicking butt in my $900 CRX- Priceless

Don't dream it, Do it!


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Scott: first I hate you!... :lol:
Second:JK wish I could be there.Your doing what I want to do.
Do you have to have a SCCA license to do this?
Do you ever worry about scraping other cars?
I'd love to RR ,but am terrified of messing up the rex.

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Sounds excellent Scott!!

Ive never had a day at the track, just the motorkhanas - but few of the boys here are organising a bit of track action in Feb next year... i'll try and hook up the camera to have some footage of the action :)
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