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a little help for noob please

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:cry: i hoping you all can help me out with a problem that i have ran into. my car is a 1990 crx DX. i but a d16a9 in the car and did the conversion from DPFI to MPFI.

The car would idle and that was about it, anytime i stepped on the gas it would rev fine for a little and eventualy die out after that. I belive it was running way to rich. The only code thrown was code 11. I tried to wire in the IMA sensor (EDM spec PM7 ecu).

There was no more codes being thrown but same as it was doing before. I went through and made sure the basics were there like spark, fuel, and air. All checked out even though the car was running a little rich.

Since I butchered the crap out of my dx main harness i firgured it would be easier to get a new one and just replace it and start over from sctach. The only harness I could get a hold of came from a 89 crx si. Not only did I get the main harness I also got the rear harness, the engine harness, the cluster harness, and a few other harness. I installed the the main si harness this weekend and the only connector that did not match up is the one that ties the main harness to the rear harness (besides the engine harness which i will take care of this weekend). The connectors are called c402on the main harness and c501 on the rear harness.

The problem i am running into is the one for the si has 13 pins and the one for the dx as 18 pins. i could just swap the rear harness but when i was doing ohms checks on the harness to see where the pins went a couple of them i had to go further down from the connector to get continuity which tells me there is a break some where. I'd much rather leave the dx rear harness in there and repin it to meet up with what the si main harness.

Hopefully somebody as a pinout for the harness or a wire run listing for it.

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so are you trying to figure out if you can get the 89 harness to fit the 90 crx body right?

here is a link to a honda manual for an 88 crx. ... Manual.pdf

i cant seem to find the link i had for a 91 manual. someone else here might have it.

Every time i've heard of someone running into this they either had to revert back or change all the harness to match. Im not sure that would work though because i think ( could be wrong ) the gauge cluster for the 88-89 has different plugs than the 90-91.
yea i'm trying to put an 89 si harness into a 90 dx chasis. i have the shop manual for my year car. i was planing in changing the engine harness i just didn't want to change the rear harness becuase it was in pretty bad shape. i also have the gauge cluster harness if i end up needing to change that. the dx rear harness used a 18 pin connector and the si used a 13 pin connector. dx only used 12 pins and the si used 10. the two extra pins where used for somthing called a lock-up control solenoid valve. basically i matched up the pins by ohming out the si rear harness and then the dx harness while it was in the car (that was fun). so hopefully it's wired right i'll find out when i get the ecu in and finish up doing the rest of the wiring changes (hopefully this weekend). thanks for the help though and i'll be sure to check the harness difference on the gauge cluster when i go to put everthing back in. :D
good luck. im the suck at that kind of wiring and i would probably sell the car before doing all that. I commend you on your effort and wish you luck :lol:
i probally would if i could find another chasis but considering i'm stuck in the uk for the time being (usaf) and it's hard as crap to find a us spec car i decided it was worth keeping. thanks.
If your not wanting to mess with it I could locate a 90 harness local.
Let me get this straight:you need a 90 rear harness right?or am I reading this wrong?
no i needed to modify the 89 main si harness to mate to the 90 dx rear harness. my car is a 90 dx and the only harness i could get a hold of was a 89 si harness, luckily i got the whole lot from front to rear. the si rear harness was a bit shaddy so i wanted to use the dx harness, i got it squared away. thanks for the offer though. :)
heres the link i was lookin for. it should have what you need, just click your way through and see if it's there. ... index.html
well in case any one cares my car is running again. the only thing that bothers me is that it through a code 14, but at least she idles and reves fine. i should get that all squared away when i start putting the rest of it back togther, my poor car. i wpuld just like to say to a thanks for the help.
So what did you end up doing to get it fixed?
i mated the dx rear harness to th si main harness. rebuilt the si harness to put the zc parts in. but it all togther (some what, the dash is still ripped out). installed a pm6 ecu. turned the key and she fired right up :shock:
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