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A1 pistons into my D16-Z6 mini-me

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I finally have started on my mini-me conversion. The engine is sitting on some wood blocks out of the Si. I have a new clutch on the way. I plan on lightening the flywheel to around 12lbs or so. I am going to hone the block myself. My question is this: I am putting in higher compression pistons from an A1. Will I need to cut the top of the sleeves where the old rings ended? I figured I would just hone the block and throw in the new pistons.

I am going to throw in ARP rod bolts and I am going to put in ARP head studs as well. I lucked out because the head gasket was metal. Kind of suprised me, must have had head work in the past on it.

Another question...

My intake valves were black and my exhaust valves were white. Is this normal?
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you're re-using the headgasket??!?! that is one I would not even think of reusing. Have you been able to test fit anything? The pistons clear the valves, right (I'm looking at doing a similar setup, I just don't have a vtec head yet)?
<phew> lol
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