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Ok I didn't have my car at N11 last year and I worked on it for 3 days straight 9 hours at work 12 hours on car and basically no sleep. Got it all in and then hooked up the clutch cable and the clutch arm was loose. So I didn't take my car to N11 and was moving on I took the motor out AGAIN and pulled the tranny off. What I found was the fingers on the PP where pressed in like I putting my foot on the clutch. So I started to back the screws off on the PP and found the went back to normal but when I bolt it down they get pressed in a great deal more then they should by like 1/2 inch.

So I all I did was pull the ACT PP and clutch and flywheel off my B16 and put it on the GSR and thats it. Worked perfect on the B16 no issues and now this happens and I don't know why. I'm going to play around with it this weekend again and see what the F is going on. But if you have any ideas pleace let me know. I might just have to buy a PP and then new disk until the issue goes away(or try someone elses).

let me know

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