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Advice on quarter panel

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So I starting stripping down cleo this weekend, I'll post pics tomorrow. Of course, there's rust at the rear of the wheel well that burned through, but above that hole on the inside it looks ok. On the other side tho, behind the gas filler tube, there's some light rust on the inside of the quarter panel, apparently not deep.

My assumption is that it started in the seam of the wheel well and the quarter panel. The big question is what to do about it. Should I grind off the lip of the quarter panel all around the wheel well? And if I do that, does anyone have any suggestions about how to replace that lip? What I'm not sure about is how to fit that curve and also attach the strip to the quarter panel. Eastwood's got a metal strip with slots cuts into it that's designed to wrap curves like that--I suppose that might work.

Or should I just bite the bullet and replace a bigger section using one of those civic hatch wheel well panels?
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I bought one of those ebay 1/4 panel patch panels. Might have to use them one of these days from what I see when I place it on the crx it will fit. The driver side of course goes over the fuel tank door so it will have to be cut to fit. Thats ok though because most peoples problem are around the actual arch anyways.
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