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AEM Cold Air intake..... in! UPDATE WITH PICS

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Thanks again to Brennan, I got the fender liner and put my AEM intake in tonight. The intake is for a 2000 Civic Si (B16), and it didn't quite fit without a little modification. I think it would have worked better with the A6 manifold, it seemed like the Z6 mani moved the old intake a little back and to the driver's side of the car. Anyway, the car is still loud, but not quite as bad, I guess whatever open intake I use will make the car loud. I like the clean look of it a lot more, just a nice clean pipe with one bend at the manifold and another into the bumper, no visible filter, lots of space. First thing I did, which I spent the most time on, was move the fuse box under the dash above the ECU. It wasn't that hard to do, I actually didn't extend any wires, but I dd tear apart the harness and retape most of it. I'd like to make it cleaner, as some of the wires are sort of hanging, and some are stretched a little bit. I had to grind/expand the hole behind the light to accomodate the intake, but it came out clean, and the tube won't rub on anything. I also had to trim the end of the tube, the K&N filter it came with has a long neck, but the cone is the same as my old one. I couldn't get it in without it sticking out too far at the bottom. After getting everything trimmed and fitted, washing the filter, and all the damn wiring, I finally have it in! Honestly I don't notice a difference, except in sound, which isn't as deep and not quite as loud (in the car anyway). Tomorrow the super loud intake will find a new home...
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where teh pics? :lol:

I just picked up a aem cai from crxsitogo here. already had a short ram but i wanted a the cai so you cant see the filter :lol: I loved the growl my other intake gave my b16 when i hammered it down, other than that no noticable power gain, not that i was expecting any.
My AEM definitely made it louder. But that was going right from stock. And it added an annoying whistle at certain throttle positions. I just got used to it. And yeah, the AEM is a sweet looking piece of hardware. I got the polished one.
My AEM just SCREAMS under acceleration! B16 + AEM sounds freakin awesome. Gives it such a nice deep growl compared to stock.
I have heard both motors with the same intake, and the A6 is far louder, it's as loud at 3000 RPM as the B16 at VTEC crossover.
just take the filter and tube right off, THAT is LOUD :) no good for the engine though

if you dont want to buy any fancy intakes for that nice sound, you can remove the resonator box on the passenger side... right in front of the wheel in the bumper i guess. it makes stock air ducting a little louder

that whistling is kinda irritating, though. is it the air passing through the smal gap made by the butterfly in the throttle body? with good foot dexterity, im sure someone could play a song with practice.
black_krix_si said:
where teh pics? :lol:
finally got a camera from a friend, AND got it to work on linux!

here's what you have to open up to use this particular one:

and here it is installed:

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My AEM whistled at first when new, then it stopped as miles added up and the K&N filter got more and more clogged-up with dirt. For this Spring Driving Season, I cleaned the K&N filter with detergent and re-oiled it. We'll see if it whistles again. I liked the whistle. It was really loud and, I think it often scared other motorists into "submission". (Like it was a turbo, or something...). Haha!

But, it was amazing how grossly dirty the CAI filter got in a year. Beware how dirty it gets! Real gunked. It's not like I drove through dirt roads and construction sites all the time.
My friend's CAI on his MX6 sits right in front of the driver's side wheel, with no splashguard... he checks and/or cleans it weekly. It's filthy now, or has been, with the salt on the roads, but probably won't be AS bad in the summer.
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