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Parts are off of Tommy’s CRX. I’ve been slowly purchasing replacement stuff for refreshening it. Big items I would like pickup in Clayton, NC

Thermal R&D 2.25” exhaust with Magnaflow tips. He had this exhaust coated. $400

wilwood 11” brake kit for stock Si knuckles $550 picked up $575 shipped

Kamikaze 4-1 D16 header also coated $250

front bumper with EDM washer nozzles and bumper reinforcement - $350

stock crossmember $50

Sleeve Bicycle saddle Sportswear Font Snout

Reptile Scaled reptile Grass Groundcover Asphalt

Grass Font Tints and shades Rectangle Paint

Tool Household hardware Composite material Metal Font

Plant Bumper Grass Bicycle part Automotive exterior

Bicycle part Grass Composite material Bumper Automotive exterior

Grey Fixture Security Gas Composite material

Tire Wheel Car Automotive parking light Land vehicle

Wheel Tire Automotive tire Light Motor vehicle
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