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amp problem

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hey guys, after much thought i decided to get a sound system(kinda an 8 inch sub). once i finished everything was good but i decided to swap sub and amp with one i'm storing for my friend. i liked mine better so swapped it again and now i'm not getting any juice. i checked the fuses and they are fine. any ideas on what it may be? thanks
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i would say go over all of your connections again just to make sure.. there is not much anyone can do without more information. have you tested your leads with a multimeter? im thinking maybe something got nocked loose while you were changing things out so im betting that you will find your problem :)
thanks zerocool1014a for the reply. i have been messing around with it and i have found the real problem: the amp turns on when the radio is on and turns of when i switch to cd :shock: . anyone know what the problem is?
check your grounds. make sure that they are solid and on an unpainted surface and not moving round. If it is what I think it is then basically when you switch to CD it draws more power and then the bad grounds cause it to shut off(technically a safety feature). If not the grounds then it could just be the deck and if this is the case I would bring it into a shop to have them bench test the deck so then you can determine if it is your wiring or the deck. but like i said my best guess is that you have a grounding problem.

my last thought(least probable) is that you need to double check that you are using the remote wire and not the power antenna wire that is found on most decks. both are blue with one having a white stripe down it. Unfortunately the color codes are not universal and some decks like to change them up. If you don;t have the manuel and have no ideathen what you can do is simply change the one wire for the other and see of it works. hope this helps.
What kind of deck is it? I've been looking at panasonics and it seems to be the blue wire with the white stripe. On a clarion a i hooked up for my friend it was actually a red wire with a white stripe :? But i hope this helps you and please state the brand and ill do some research for you. And if you can get the part number or model number that would be really easy to find the wiring online.
perly, for the wiring i used both the blue one and the blue with the white stripe on it. since my amp kit came with a black and blue cable i used both the blue i hooked it up to the blue and the black i hooked it up to the blue and white. i will also check the ground.
saskCrx, its a sony xplod, but i have no idea what model or part number it is though it came with the car when i bought it. but i think its one of the older ones.
thanks guys for the help
i know exactly what your problem is :) check your manual on your stereo or look online i think you hooked up your remote for your amp to the power antenna power wire. it would cause your exact problem the thing is it gives power while the radio is on beucase of the antenna would be up but when you switch to cd the antenna would go down and thusly turning off the amp :) i hope this helps
dude thanks! it was the wires. i swapped them and it fixed the problem right up :) .
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