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Another brutal infomercial.

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This one wasn't allowed even on dutch TV. Brittish infomercial.
For the faint of heart and hypocrits. Male ass is visible.

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That was different.
Strong message!

The other vids there are pretty funny!
Dodo said:
That was different.
I love the straight in your face kind of clips. Why pussyfoot around it?
Damn.... :shock:

Wonder if you could so something like this with one of those "smoking is bad" info commercails.... (no offense to any smokers here, just that it would be better than what they currently spew all over TV)
Actually, there are. Altho I can't seem to find them.

One of them is a woman, inhaling from a cigarette. The camera follows the smoke into the lungs, turning it all black, putrid and rotten. Really nasty to see.

Another one is a hot girl having a smoke. And with each time she inhales, you see her skin turn grey, her hair go pale and thin, and her eyes go dull, until she looks exactly like those old withered smokers.

I have no sympathy. This is 2007. We all know better. You smoke, you die. Stinking up the place and bothering others while you're slowly killing yourself.
...which is why I quit ages ago.
som eof those videos were funny as hell, even if i dont understand them.

plus i love cookie monster!
at least that one was in english

im really curious as to what the one with the girl in the green shirt was about.....i was waiting for something to happne at the end....

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It's a parody clip.
It's intended to be really really boring.

In the back ground you'll hear a really dull and conservative radio station, with some house wife telling about what a great weekend she had taking grandma out to dinner.

It's supposed to add to the really boring and uneventful sex in the foreground.
great vids.

we need more in your face messages on US television. maybe people would notice.
Wow..... what a way to get a point across.....
Damn, rough.
1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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