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Any CRX shows in the Southeast??

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As someone new to the CRX world, can someone tell me if and when there are any gatherings of Rex'ers (if that's a word) in GA, AL, NC, SC or northern FL? I just got a beautiful '90 DX in Torino Red Pearl in virtually all stock condition, garaged its whole life, in Atlanta, and am anxious to join with others of similar interests.

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Well first of all, congrats on hte car.... i'm sure a lot of people here will hate you for finding it before them... lol!

anyway, yea, there is the FL CRX/Civic Meet that usually happens towards the end of October.

I'm working on the website this week, but when it finally does get back up online, it'll be at 8)
Welcome to another fellow Georgian! How'd you hear about the site?
I found this site by just cruisin' the net, looking for anything CRX. I bought one a year ago at a charity auction here in Columbus, an HF, for $1300, had some cancer in the wheel wells, but otherwise was terrific. I got caught up in the CRX stuff at that time. My son's 90 Civic Hatch was trashed in a wreck, so I passed the Rex onto him a few months ago, and really missed that little thing, so I was delighted to find one close to home. Found it in the AJC classifieds.
Glad to be on the forum,
One quick question, I need to replace the hatch struts, any recommendations to get or avoid?
For hatch struts, you can just go to any AutoZone or Advance and ask for them. There's nothing too special to them.
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