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I love building models.

I gotta say, car models, Revell is much better than Tamiya, imo. I bought the first gen and the hood doesn't open, thats my biggest pet pieve about models. The detail is quite nice, but I can't plumb the engine, lol.

Right now, I have about 5 models I'm working on.

Ballade CRX1.5i, Tamiya kit.

69 Camaro RS/SS convertible, Revell

29 Ford Woodie, Revell

34 Ford pickup, total custom street rod, Lindberg kit (this one is the fun one) fully independent suspension and custom dual exhaust, both hand made, LT1ish engine, with corvette transaxle, 4 wheel disks (from revell corvette concept model) Body is shaved and chopped

65 Chevelle Z16, Revell

Ford Cobra, Monogram, being "restored" I broke numerous parts on it, so, I'm rebuilding them all

RMS Titanic, Revell

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Started building models when I was about 7. Specialised in WWII Pacific and Europe theatre aircraft - Corsair, P51D/E, Hellcat, Buffalo, P40 Warhawk, B26 Marauder, SBD3 Dauntless, B25 Mitchell, A6 Zero-sen, Focke-Wulf FW190D, Me BF109, Spitfire, Hurricane, Typhoon, Me-262, Me BF110, Lancaster, you name it I had built it at some stage. Then when I was about 14 I got more interested in US Navy and USMC aircraft - A4 Skyhawk, A7 Corsair II, F4 Phantom, RA5C Vigilante, P3C Orion, F14 Tomcat.... and lots more! Tons of Matchbox, Airfix, Tamiya, even Frog! I still have a few of those still new and boxed!

I remember I was so engrossed in the subject I would research the aircarft before building it making sure I had the proper Testors or Humbrol paint with the right FS code e.g not all gull grays are the same. I would even build the entire cockpit from scratch and even paint the pilots' eyes too - not an easy task at 1.72nd scale 8)

Then followed a short transitory period on 00-scale armoured vehicles - M4 Sherman, M3 half-track, Comet, JagdPanzer, Matador, Willys jeep etc and army figures...

Then I moved to Radio control aircraft but it was not the same as I was always more interested in reproducing an exact replica - closest to a scale model I had was a 0.40-powered Cessna 172, complete with flaps, ailerons etc - 5 channels.

Then came uni and I started turning to 1.24th Tamiya, Fujimi models - I still have 2 CRX which are unfinished! ' bought them when I bought the real thing 8)

Maybe 30 years on I could pick up where I left off and try to complete those warbirds. But then again given my rex's Fidanza flywheel, ZEX kit as well as my ES bushings and other bits have been lying around in a corner of the house since over 2 years, I doubt very much I'd get very far!

Ah those were the days...!
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