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Any Photoshoppers out there? (Need some assistance)

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Hey guys, I normally never do this but 1) my computer is on the fritz and photoshop doesn't want to work without slowing everything down beyond belief 2) have had some things come up that need fairly quick attention that waiting for the PC to fix itself won't allow.

I was hoping someone could photoshop my wheels... ... 000335.jpg ... 000334.jpg ... 000405.jpg

Onto my Wagon...

You'd think - "Ok, just put the wheels on the damn car and see for yourself." right? Well... I've been trying to sell the wheels, but I think I may keep them for when I pick up the Wagon in two weekends (got delayed, damnit). I also have the AutoX season coming up and I want different tires on them if they'll be used again this year but not if they are going to be used as daily summer cruisers. Anyway long explanation, but can anyone help??

I borrowed this pic from a for sale ad on Honda-Tech ( for a better angle (THIS IS NOT MY CAR, just another white wagon I found that looks very similar - better angle)...




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Here ya go.

Rollin' on dub's (wheels) !! :p
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Ragnaarok said:
Rollin' on dub's (wheels) !! :p
hahah. Thanks bud! Appreciate it.

Looks like if I were to keep would definitely need a drop! :shock:
No problemo!

On the drop idea, it's the same thing I'm thinking with my car. I want nice wheels, but it'd look weird without a drop. So I'm telling myself save for wheels/tires/suspension at once. "Money, it's a gas..."
Did you paint that Y-49!??

You can paint over it.............. but it's still there!

are you getting rid of those wheels?
let me know if you are thinking about it.

Still yellow dude! That was the CRX that was replaced by the current one.

Yes, the wheels are for sale (just dropped the price today. :wink: )

If I don't sell em though, I'll figure something out with them because I do like em. Just don't think they look right on the yellow rex. Liked em 100% on the old CRX though.
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