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Any recommendations on a good MIG welder?

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I'm looking to use it primarily for repairing thin sheet metal and bodywork. I've kinda been leaning towards a MillerMatic 135, but I'm open to suggestions if anyone else has had good experiences with another unit.
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Millermatic 135.... i couldnt have said it better my self... .this is a great little workhorse.... Santa brought me one 2 years ago and it has been doing eveything i ask of it ever since...

you will be happy with it.. .

The guy at the welding shop was showing it to my dad and I when we were looking at them. and he was saying that for the class of welder that we were getting that it was better than the other brands.... just the stuff he showed me inside of it that was made of metal and was plastic on the other brands was enough convincing for me...

BTW. . just a tip... Wehn you get one and if you need to hone up on your skills... a great fun little project to make is a cart to hold your new welder and gas bottle... that was the first thing i built.... kinda crude but has wheels, a gas holder, a stinger holder ( honda exh. pipe) and a top replacable wooden table...
I have a Lincoln Electric HANDY MIG
it's a great little welder and it will do anything from 22guage sheet metal to about 3/8" steel.
It will do Flux-Core out of the Box and with the purchase of an argon cylinder will do full MIG.
I love it, it was about $300 about 4 years ago.. good stuff.

1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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