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Any recommendations on an HVLP paint gun?

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i have a devilbiss finishline 3 hvlp gun and i love it. i use it for base/clear a little advise thow get a dedicated primer gun if you try to shoot every thang out of the same gun there will be mixing no matter how well you clean the gun b/c will work fine in the same gun but primer darn nener imposable to completely clean out of a gun but in the long run its up to you
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Ok...and primer doesn't usually require an expensive gun to shoot, does it? I can probably go get an el-cheapo for the primer and POR15 spraying so that I don't contaminate my Devilbiss gun.
I have the finish line gun too. . . . .Devilbiss quality with a cheaper price tag. . . . . . .works great .. . . .pick up a 30 dollar cheapie for a primer gun. . . and you wil be set. .
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