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Anyone ever make a camera mount in their car?

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I just picked up a Video Camera and since I'm planning to go Auto-X'ing I was thinking of bringing the camera with me. I have heard of people building a mount that uses the passenger seat headrest as a mounting point. Anyone ever made one or can point me in the direction on how to make one?
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...although it may not fly for autoX though... Kinda cook though for home made vids and stuff.
Get some sheet metal and remove the passinger head rest drill holes for the head rest post and then reinstall the headrest. Then mount camera to the metal.
I believe Jfrolang had one in his car at N9. I could be wrong but it was someone with a white crx. I guess it could have been ProfessorCrx though. You may want to speak to one of them. I'm not sure if either are on this board though.

I think the professor sold his rex, he hasn't really been around in a while. Last I knew he had gotten a lifted jeep wrangler (and I'm not confused with Sinful, his isn't lifted, yet)
Yea, the last time I saw him was on the resource.. I havent been on the community long enough to see anyone sooooo.....
I would like to mount one on my bumper or roof. :shock:
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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