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Anyone got an Xbox 360 yet?

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Well, my original Xbox seems to have kicked the bucket. The harddrive crashed on it, and from what I understand, I can't repair it myself or I'll get banned from Xbox Live. I checked into the cost of repairing it through Microsoft, and it's actually cheaper to by a new Xbox with Forza Motorsports than it is to repair the broken one. However, I'm not sure if it's really worthwhile to be buying another Xbox when the Xbox 360 is now out. Anyone have an Xbox 360? Is it worth it?
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I've heard a couple of my frineds who are xbox freaks say that they LOVE it... i've never used it though... actually, i have never used a regular xbox.. yea, i suck.

I'm more of a PlayStation kind of guy... of course the only game i own for my PS is GT. hehe.
had a ps2 sold it for an xbox, sold it for a ps2. not a big xbox fan here so i cant help you out too much. only people ive know that had a 360, just bought it to sell on ebay before christmas :lol:
Get the 360 they rock. You will love the hi-def gaming and all around if you like your xbox you will love the 360.
I got Forza Motorsport and a racing wheel for Christmas for my old xbox. I'm good for a while. ;) The 360 looks incredible, but I'll be waiting quite a while before I get one.
Got my Premium one (the one with the wireless controller, DVD remote, live headset, and hard drive) for Christmas...and so far I love it...lemme count the ways:

1) The remote AND the wireless controllers can power the system on/off. No more getting my lazy butt out the chair to start gaming. (Unless I need to switch the disc, but that don't happen too often.) You can stop a game and go back to the dashboard without rebooting now also, right from the controller.

2) Being able to recharge my wireless controller's batteries WHILE STILL PLAYING, and even with the headset on.

3) The HD resolutions are absolutely amazing. If you're not playing games at 720p or better, you're not seeing what I'm seeing.

4) The online integration kicks major booty. The Xbox360 will set up and maintain a connection to Xbox Live any time it is booted up. (This can be disabled, also). Even if you're playing a game offline, you'll still receive messages, and notifications when your friends sign on. You can pause your game, enter a live voice chat, and continue that chat while you're stil playing. And if you ARE online (say in a multi-player game of Perfect Dark Zero), you can choose whether you're talking to your team or one of up to four separate private voice chat rooms.

Basically, its a voice-enabled MSN messenger built into the Xbox Live system, and always on. It also keeps track of people you have SEEN online, in case you want to add them to your friends list. AND, your achievements in any offline or online games are tracked PER GAME, giving you a total numerical score. You can view other people's achievements to make sure you stack up well, or if you're possibly outgunned.

5) If you have a Windows Media Center PC (which I do), you can stream audio, video, and pics (plus TV and Radio if you have the right capture card in your PC). Only downside is it won't play DivX files, but it will play most other stuff, including DVD's in your PC's drive. No stuttering. Very nice.

There's other little stuff, like automatic updates for backwards-compatibility with older Xbox 1 games (which some are still buggy), and built-in testing for network connections, not to mention MicroSquish's greedy way of paying for extra little games from Xbox Live.

But all in all, I love this friggin thing.
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Sooooooooo.... what you are saying, is that "if they wanted to", Microsoft could track what games you play, how long you play them, and how good you are at each game you play? Also throw in there the seamless integration with your computer, audio, dvd preferences, etc that they could also see?

Unwarranted paranoia is a waste of useful brain resources...

The tracking of games you play online is THERE...not "They could"...It DOES. So what if they ARE tracking what games you play? Are you worried someone will call the cops on you for hacking your copy of Playboy Mansion??? Or worse, that you actually LIKE playing Dance, Dance Revolution? They're not gonna send the FBI to your door just because you found the secret base in Call Of Duty2. :roll:

And NO, the media center connection stuff isn't tracked by the Xbox, since it doesn't actually read the media files itself (or connect to any real shares on your computer at all). All the Xbox does is connect to the PC, and get a display session (google SUNRAY). The PC actually plays the content and displays the content. Instead of the output going to your local screen and speakers, the Xbox acts as a remote receiver for the streams. Kinda like Remote Desktop (or VNC to those of you familiar with it).

So, you can quietly go back to watching those girls on Dead Or Alive Volleyball jiggle and giggle in comfort that MS isn't watching you THAT closely.
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Oh, my bad... you apparently don't know me very well, and haven't seen me rant against StealthAZ for HIS paranoia... believe me, i'm the least paranoid person out here.. lol.. it is just something that corssed my mind while reading his post, and it made me kinda chuckle..

I love the technology, but it is something to think about that with the technology comes the ability for other things. And since it is Microsoft, those things become a bit more troubling, since they already own most everyones computers if they wanted to... not that they would though... why would they ever do that? hehe.

Ah well... i'll skip the burned copy of Dead or Alive Volleyball, and stick to the tried and true Gran Turismo on my PS2... :lol:
I am one of the paranoid. I'm a security freak. My Xbox is not connected to the net, and when I ever get a 360, it will not be connected either. I only play online games with my secured PC. I think it's good to be paranoid. It used to be a lot worse. I used to be one of those guys who thought the government was out to get them. I didn't use credit cards for most purchases, paid cash whenever feasible. I wanted to stay under the radar as far as electronic trace-ability. The less they know about me, the better. And the funny thing is, I'm NOT one of the ones they need to worry about. I'm one of the good guys. I used to hack machines just to secure them for the stupid admins that didn't know how to.

But then I married a great girl who thought all of that paranoia was ridiculous. We got a joint bank account, she didn't care about any of that stuff that I was paranoid about. Over the almost 5 years we've been married, I got a lot more lax about the whole government conspiracy thing. I'm still very much anti-Microsoft when it comes to most stuff. They make a decent desktop OS, and a fun gaming system. They should stop trying to rule the world. We'll all be a lot more secure and better off if they do.

Ok, no more soap box for me today.
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Well, I have no security paranoia, but I'm still undecided about the 360. Video games are a minor hobby of mine, not a high priority, so I don't want to just spend 3 or 4 hundred on one and then only buy 1 or 2 games. Perhaps I'll pick one up later in its lifecycle. There's also the issue of the PS3, I'm not buying both.
my brother got one for christmas and it broke. he has sent it to microshaft so they can repair it for him. he doesnt have a HDtv though, so he isnt getting the most out of the graphics capabilities. Call of Duty 2 is fun... NFS most wanted is kinda lame :p

id say its much better than the original Xbox with online play and wireless controllers and such. if you really like console gaming, youll probably really like the 360, just wait until the new batch comes out so you dont have a broken system on your shelf.

Sticker, if you want to come and check it out at my brother's place, i will let you know when he gets it back. maybe i can borrow it from him :)
I've heard a lot of bad reviews from the XBox 360...They made a topic story on how it was crashing on certain games on National TV. I'm looking forward to the Play Station 3 more. They are adding all these insane gaming experiences to their system. It's to be planned that its ganna be a huge release for the gaming console industry.

-= Justin =-
marine said:
I'm looking forward to the Play Station 3 more. They are adding all these insane gaming experiences to their system.
Care to elaborate? It looks like Nintendo's upcoming system will offer more in the way of fresh new experiences.
Ohhh thats right I totally forgot about the upcoming Nintendo...Supposablely they are going to have it so that you can play the new and also the old Nintendo games...I'm not quite knowledgeable on what they are going to be putting into it for more realistic gaming experiences.

-= Justin =-
oh yeah, forgot to mention something very important. old games do play on the 360... but Forza Motorsports is LAGGY! it slows down for no apparent reason. same thing happens in some other games too, like Fable. just a warning
I played my friends and Ill say that the games are amazing. I plan on picking on up once the whole hype goes down.
For now I'll just stick with my slim PS2, aftermarket component video cables, wireless controllers and official GT4 race wheel. On my big screen it looks great.

Ive never played anything "live" on xbox, so I cant compare. My fiance's little bro just picked up an XBOX 1 w/ Forza and I have to say its a nice game and system, but Im not gonna run out and buy one.
my friend has an xbox 360 and i played it for a few days, i am really un impressed. online was laggy, it was all sorts of screwy on a few of the games, and the current selection sucks, save C.O.D.
If youre into racing games PGR3 for xbox360 is a reason to buy the 360.
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