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I got my xbox360 on december 23rd at target. I have pgr3 and it is way better than I thought it would be. I also have cod2 which I also own on pc, but that game is so good, I used it to get into the habit of using 2 analog sticks instead of a mouse and keyboard. I absolutely hated the dual analog for fps but now I have gotten pretty used to it. I also have doa4 but haven't really gotten around to playing it that much. It looks good, but I still don't like seeing peoples bodies being able to blend into other bodies like legs pushing into other peoples legs.

I think right now the arcade is what keeps me playing it more than I would have. I just keep going back to play pool and other games. That is not to say that the retail games are that bad but you can screw around on live and arcade for a long time. In march is when the real good games will start coming. That is also when the 3rd xbox360 plant will be in full effect for their 4.5-5.5 million consoles before june. The controller is really nice. I do play on a high def 1080 screen and it basically is amazing. If you don't know the benefits of hd already than you are just missing out right there. A game like pgr3 takes advantage of hd's high dynamic range lighting. As in when you drive through a dark tunnel and come out the other side into the light it blinds you for a second just like if you do that in real life. Games sound really good in surround sound. In pgr3 you can actually set the speaker angles so it positions the sound properly in your surround field.

Right now you really can't play xbox ea games on the 360, I think this is so you buy them for the 360. I am not sure but that is my hunch. Microsoft did have a chip issue that caused the low production numbers. Later they will be switching their chip technology to a lower one like 45nm so they can get their yields up and power consumption down.

I will also be getting ps3 and revolution when they hit the states. But as usual with most launches the first wave of games doesn't really show off the full power of the hardware. And it will be a while before the states see these systems.... closest I have seen for america is november 06. I like revolution's controller idea and virtual console for all nintendo games. I like ps3's dual hdmi ports (can't wait to see how they use those independantly) and sony has been buying software companies and tools up like crazy to support the ps3 so it will still dominate. I think xbox360's dvd drive was a big mistake, that blue ray drive is going to be a big benefit. Blue ray already has 25g and 50g discs, they have made a 8 layer 100gig disc and sony claims they can do a 200gig disc in a short time. Meanwhile the extra purchase of the external hd dvd drive on the 360 is going to be janky and they claim it will only be used for movies, but they better make games for the hd drive. That is not to say the the ps3 will be cheap by any means, sony has repeatedly stated the consumer will have to absorb the cost of the system. Nintendo may get a lot of sales due to the high prices of 360 and ps3. It's all fun and games in the end though... you gotta pay to play.
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