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Anyone use Synchromesh?

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I was just wondering if anyone uses Sychromesh or Redline here. I didn't know if you were supposed to use it straight, or mix it with MTF. I don't think it would work mixed, but you never know. The reason(if it isn't obvious) is that I am starting to get a small grind in 3rd(dumb previous owner) and I heard of Honda guys using Synchromesh to help out. And this will be the first time I've used something other than Honda MTF in my cars, so I just want to check with what everyone on here recommends.

Also, I'm not going to fix the tranny right now, I am planning on swapping later on. Fixing the synchro or getting another tranny is out of the question.

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I used GM Synchromesh (the same one that everyone talks about on H-T), and about 1 month later my transmission blew up. :(
Dang, so I guess it might not be the best thing. Does anyone recommend anything else that might help me out?

GM Synchromesh and other "quieting" lubricants usually don't fix the problem. They just make it quiet so that you don't know what's really going on. I'd stick with the Honda MTF...that way if the transmission really starts to sound bad, you don't unknowingly push it and blow it up.
I did a full Synchromesh fluid change on mine, my 3rd and 4th have a rather unpleasant grind and upshifting to second was starting to go the same way. Within a few hours of putting it in and running it, you could notice a difference, but a few days later, all but the second gear upshift grind had returned.
Theres a company called Xado that makes a transmission additive that seems to work pretty good. You add one bottle when the transmission is warm, go out and drive through the gears, and wait a month, and do the same. A friend of mine used this stuff in his EX coupe with a fourth gear grind so bad it wouldnt even stay in gear unless you held your hand on it, he put the first tube in and the second one in a month later, and now it runs fine.
Ive run one tube of it so far, and the difference is quite notable right from the start. My 3rd gear barely grinds, but the fourth is still there. I havent used a second bottle yet, but Im waiting to see how long my friends' trans stays solid. So far its been six months grind free :?
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is it the same as pennzoil synchromesh. If so i have heard nothing but good things about it. Also there is Gm synchromesh which is just a friction modifier and then there is also just the tranny fluid they come in to different bottles.
Well, the stuff I used came in 1 qt bottles sold by ac delco, but they do have 2 different versions..
Almost every DSM (talon eclipse or laser) owner puts syncrhomesh in their trannies. Most of the 1g dsm trannies came from the factory with a grind in 1st and 2nd. :(

I'll be buying some soon for my dsm...shockingly it grinds going into 1st and 2nd (insert sarcastic emoticon here).

Fortunately my rex doesn't grind at all.
I have had nothing but goodness from GM and Penzoil synchromesh transmission oils. Any small grind has virtually vanished. I expect that your tranny, chet90si, had issues that would have killed it no matter what oil you used. It was just an unfortunate co-incidance.
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