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Are you burning through alternators and batteries?

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If so, your problem might not be the alternator or battery... it could be your wiring. I just solved a problem with my charging system that has been bothering me for a long time. I was killing alternators every 6 months, and my battery always tested as good, and I was still having a difficult time maintaining 14.4 volts in the system. Occassionally, my voltage would drop to 10 volts or less, and I assumed that the voltage regulator in my alternator was the culprit. (since I had purchased a cheap brand of remanufactured alternators). It turns out that I had a slight break in the main alternator wire insulation (white wire) that had let some moisture in. The moisture corroded the wire until it was no longer conducting electricity consistently. My battery was not getting charged properly, and the alternator was working overtime in a futile effort to charge it. I probably was giving the alternator a work out that was the equivalent of 5 years of service in 6 months.

To test for this condition, do a resistance test (ohms) on the wire to see if the resistance is abnormally high. (same procedure you use to test spark plug wires). If it is abnormally high, your wire has deteriorated and you'll need a new one.

I have a temporary 8 gauge wire going from the fuse box to the alternator until I can find a new engine harness.
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man if i knew about that a few weeks ago i could have scored you a free harness.

I bought one from the junkyard to use on my H22. there were a few more there that i ended up hacking some various wires off that i needed to extended, including that alt wire :lol:
DOH! Ok, if anyone has an extra good harness...or even a bad one that has just a good alternator wire in it, let me know!
It seems someone could eke a good living making harnesses. I suppose the connectors might be a problem but the wires would be simple.

Number 5 is $216 at San Leandro.
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I only wish that you could buy the connectors and boots you can for all the other wiring harnesses on the chassis.
That's the only harness that you can't? Wierd.
Charles said:
That's the only harness that you can't? Wierd.
Yup. Kind of retarded if you ask me. I found this out when I went into honda to ask for a replacement oxygen sensor socket, because a clip on mine snapped off and now it won't attach to the bracket on the transmission anymore.
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