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Attn: Stickershop - More ridiculously expensive stuff

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Check out the Mugen spoiler on eBay.
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Thats got Stickershop written all over it!
Lumpy53 said:
Thats got Sickershop written all over it!
Well maybe you should get him some Pepto Bismol, because i thought his name had a 'T' in it :lol:

I don't know why, but I don't like that style spoiler. It has been said to be the best aerodynamically, but to me it's ugly. I'll stick with my SiR-style wing.
I just got a 1.6i-16 spoiler and I am not sure I will paint it and put it on. I may go ahead and eBay it.
Got one already. That's too much. They may be rare, but their not worth $450 US used. I paid $300 US including shipping.
i have seen them go for under $150 on ebay. In fact when I bought my edm spoiler, i passed over one of those at $99 buy it know. it was genuine mugen, just black. $450+ dollars is rediculous.
thats like the ugliest wing anyway...

i do like the 1.6i-16 or whatever spoiler though. im gonna pic one up one day.
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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