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Third Times A CHARM!

Welcome to a new month, and another featured CRX. This month we bring your attention to the pride and joy of member Baker. This would be Baker's third CRX (all were '91 Si's) and his first really clean one. Although always a fan, he had a tough time finding a clean one in the snow belt of the northeastern US. The first two CRX projects of his did not pan out very well, unfortunately. One was a white, former boost project in pieces that was purchased from a friend, but ended up sold shortly thereafter. The 2nd one was a beat up Rio Red Si purchased for use as a daily driver. It was driven for one winter and then parted out, apparently too structurally damaged via iron oxide to be worth keeping.

While in the process of selling a '93 Civic hatch that was DOHC ZC powered, Cory stumbled upon this Flint Black Metallic 1991 CRX Si. It was purchased in May of 2005 for only $800! The previous owner said that the car was originally from MD and had spent the last 2 years in NY. It shows, the underbody was very clean. It was basically bone stock, had a few dents and dings here and there, and even had a SOHC ZC swap already in it. There was only one real spot of rust, although very minor, a small spot on the passenger side rear wheel well. The car ran strong but had a grinding 3rd gear, with 179k on the chassis. Not a bad deal at all.

Baker drove it around for almost 3 years, smartly storing it during the winters. It went through some various cosmetic alterations along the way, and the engine bay was treated to a DOHC ZC. It was even almost sold, having been posted last year here in the classifieds. Ultimately though, it was too good to let go. In January 2008, it finally got a body revitalization and a non-grinding D-series Si transmission swap.

The owner says he is overall very pleased at how it came out, "What an improvement." We'd have to agree. What little rust was there was cut out and replaced with fresh new sheet metal. Future plans are to maybe upgrade the suspension, but for the most part it will remain as-is. There are still some gremlins with the engine swap, but those will be dealt with when the current DOHC ZC will be pulled and replaced with a refreshed D16A6. Despite the minor engine problems, the outcome so far has been very positive.

"I'd like to thank the many members on here who I have dealt with in piecing this car together, my parents (my father for his time and labor) and my wife for putting up with my obsession." Around these parts, we don't see it as an obsession, it's a labor of joy. What better way is there to put a smile on your face than a summer drive in a CRX?


-VIS Carbon Fiber ZC "hump" hood

-Amber corner lights

-Amber bumper lights

-OEM Stanley Sidemarkers

-90/91 JDM/EDM tail lights

-clear aftermarket 90/91 style center tail garnish. Painted black w/ "CR-X" logo from stickershop

- OEM antenna delete plate

-OEM splash guard set

-Si front lip


-Fairly stock, mint 90/91 Si seats

-DIY Amber gauge cluster

-OEM EP3 (02-05 Si) red stitch shift knob

-OEM Driving light switch

-PasswordJDM red stitch shift boot

-96-00 Civic armrest

-Momo wheel

-OEM 92-95 Civic Coupe mats

-EDM chrome window cranks


-DOHC ZC w/ non-grinding Si trans

-Exedy clutch

-OEM Exhaust w/ tip

-Stainless generic header w/downpipe


-OEM Honda Cd player from 2000 S2K

-Alpine 6.5 two ways (Front)

-Rockford 6.5 two ways (Rear)


-'96 Integra GSR/SE wheels powdercoated black

-Stock springs/shocks

-Neuspeed Front upper strut bar

-Explicit speed solid rear upper strut bar

-Explicit speed lower rear tie bar


-OEM CRX black floor mats

-88/89 EDM center tail light w/ rear fog light

-90/91 EDM center tail light w/ rear fog light

-90/91 1.6i-16 (ZC) OEM clear corner lights

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