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Go to radioshack and buy 3 (two packages) of the big ceramic 10 watt, 10 ohm resistors. Solder them in series (resulting in 30 ohms of resistance) and connect the assembly up to your lockup solenoid output. No more CEL.
I'll second the MPFI conversion. I'm pretty sure that the milage difference between the Si, DX and HF comes mostly from transmission gearing. If it doesn't hurt milage, why turn down a little extra pep? I've got a D16Z6 in my '91 DX auto and hit 42 mpg on highway trips... Same as the original dual-point D15B2. If you want max MPG, use an HF transmission. Hell, look into swapping a lean-burn D15Z1 along with that HF tranny... Might be able to hit 60 MPG.
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