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Autocross vehicle classes?

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Hey guys. I have never participated in Autocross before, but I am definitely interested in the sport. I understand that there are different vehicle classes and restrictions that go along with them. Would someone give me a basic overview of these classes? I'm curious as to where my vehicle fits in.
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Well stick I am new as well,but I hooked up with some locals and "I'm goin racin!"
Classes all depend on what is modded on your car.
Unfortunately for me I will have to run in street mod due to my power adders. :( So I plan on getting beaten badly for my first few years. :lol:
While you will be put into a class you will be assigned a PAX number. Thsi is like a handicapped kind of thing. Lets says you are running against a 500HP loaded monster in your near stock 110hp. You run the course in 56 seconds. The monster runs it in 49 seconds. The scorers will apply the PAX handicapped. Lets say your run counts for .9 PAX seconds per 1 real seconds. So your adjusted time will be 56 * .9 = 50.4. The monster may have a PAX of 1.1. 1.1*49= 53.9

So the 100hp stocker beats the 500hp monster.
Here is a link that will show you the rules, and there's a link to classifications by make. If your CRX is stock, you'll be in G-stock and shouldn't have too much trouble being competitive. If you're lightly modified, like suspension, I/H/E, but haven't touched the engine, you'll be in C Street Prepared. CSP is fun, it's harder because an intake can put you in a class with pretty well refined cars, but if you have a nice suspension setup, it'll feel good to trounce some much nicer cars with your SOHC A6. I know there are more classes like Street Mod and stuff, but I haven't really got into them.
modding your exhaust alone (and it may be cat-back), however, will I believe keep you out of CSP, so you would run in the stock class.

I hope to have my car together to run this year, and the time and extra cash to as well, lol
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