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AutoGlym: the closest thing to liquid gold for your car

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Now, I'm not a professional detailer by any means... in fact I HATE detailing cars... way too much time taken up. But my white paint was a wreck, scratches all over, black stains and oily fingerprints covered the front end (all from me of course, the woman who owned the car before hadnt taken care of it very well) I thought to myself: This car needs a new paint job, it looks terrible.

My grandfather suggested i try AutoGlym "paint renovator" before i put my money down for new paint, and let me tell you, what an AMAZING transformation. Black scratches? gone. Fingerprints? gone. Anything NOT WHITE on my paint? GONE! it boggles my mind, but now when i look out my window, my eyes hurt from the shine where as before my soul hurt from the off-white colour.

If youve tried clay-bar like i have and were unhappy with the results, GO FOR PAINT RENOVATOR!!!

I am not affiliated with auto-glym in any way... but i will never buy any other product ever again until better results are shown to me. do your car a favour, and buff 'er up with autoglym :D
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