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automatic transmission upgrades

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hi all,
My dirt track car is running great with the auto.. however, i have no kickdown cable currently hooked up and i just have the lever on the trans that is for kickdown detent cable zippie tied up fully....

running the car 1 click down past drive... it will shift 1-2 1-2 and 2-1 2-1

2 clicks back past d it just starts out in 2...

2 works well on the track putting me at about 6700 rpms in the corner at the end of the flat...

but sometimes depending on the track and how hard i hit a turn it would be nice to hit 1 and have the R's up coming out of the turn and then hit 2

anyone know of anyne putting a manual valve body in a crx tranny...

I worked in a tranny shop for 3 years and honestly have never touched, pulled or worked on a honda tranny. ..

i have done alot of modding to gm trannys but i need some advice here//

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I'm unfamiliar with the d-series auto tranny. Is there a particular benefit to using the auto tranny for racing?
longer gearing using just 1 gear less shifting.... . . honda autos are TOUGH,,, thants about it...... oh yeah.... and the car i found was an auto..
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