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Ayrton Senna driving a CRX

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Saw this over on HT. It's video of now deceased F1 legend Ayrton Senna testing a CRX along with a Civic. See it here - Senna
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Awesome fun-ness. I enjoyed that. It's hilarious that they aren't wearing helmets and all the one hand driving.
I like how they're just casually chatting it up like they're out for a sunday drive while they're pushing the limits of the car. :p
hella cool. I'd kill to drive on that track.
wow, nice video find. never knew it existed.

take a look at senna and his god child nsx.

(look, he drives with loafers!)
It's a little sad. I guess I'm too young to know who he is. How did he die?


Short answer: 3 F1 championships, drove for Honda F1, helped develop NSX, died 1994 in F1 crash at Imola.



you know, just thinking about it. at least he didnt die in vain. his death at the peak of his career (and that of f1 driver Roland Ratzenberger who also died during qualifying in that same event) has led to a much higher consciousness of safety for the drivers in F1 an many other motorsports.
Read over both articles. Sounds like a great guy. I feel kinda sad now :cry:

Yeah. I am still looking for a Senna sticker that I can put on the CRX to counterbalance all the "3" stickers on NASCAR fan-mobiles around here. [see ... this also led to safety improvements]
Sad thing about that is NO ONE would know what the Senna sticker was about.
My dad met dale once and he gave my dad 20 number 3 stickers. now on pretty much every vehicle he has owned he put 2 of those stickers on the 2 back windows.
glagola1 said:
Awesome fun-ness. I enjoyed that. It's hilarious that they aren't wearing helmets and all the one hand driving.
Exactly what I though!! That Civic was hauling some butt!!
Umm maybe I saw a different video,but AS only was driving the crx not the civic.If you look the civic driver was a japanese guy.
Still nice find.
nice, sounds like my Si, gotta love the sounds and the bouncing in the cabin, so raw, so fun. reason why i haven't sold my Si yet
Senna is the best driver EVER.

This video is cool. My friend has a EE9(is usa EF9).
The car goes like hell.
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