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B16 Emissions

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I know, I know, another emissions thread...

I cannot get my B16 to pass the idle test. I failed tonight for the forth time.

So far I've:
Tried retarding the timing
Tried running through on only 3 injectors
Tried adding fuel injector cleaner (as opposed to alcohol to lean in out)
Changed the charcoal canister, and run with it connect and disconnected
Tried raising my idle to almost 2000 rpm

In the past two months I've replaced my fuel filter, spark plugs, and oxygen sensor. The idle can easily be smelled as being extremely rich. I'm trying to figure out whether I actually need to go pick up the fuel pressure regulator cutoff solenoid, or whether the typical conversion vacuum setup will work. Basically, I need to find out why I'm overfueling at idle. Anyone have any thoughts?
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My B16 passed without the CAT, but I have a P28 and Hondata. It never smells rich. What ECU are you using?
PW0, so its still on obd-0.
When I had the PR3 it ran richer as I recall. Thats the same ecu as yours right, the PW0 with 2 O2 sensors?
Yea, they're basically the same, with the PW0 only running one O2 sensor. I've been having a fuel system code coming on intermittently since I bought the car, which is supposed to indicate the O2. This got better when I swapped it, but it still pops up now and then.

Did the OBD-1 conversion w/ the P28 help to lean out the mixture by itself, or was that done with the Hondata afterwards?
It just ran better with the P28. Yes it was leaner. You could really notice it with cold starts. First I tried to use premade chips and that was a bust. Then when tuned with the Hondata the car really ran like as if it came with it from the factory. Very smooth including vtec engagement.
Are you sure you got the right o2 sensor wire hooked up if you are using just one?
Ghetto rig another catalytic converter for the time being
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