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b18 rex is going back on the road...

I traded my old b18 cars chassis to a fellow honda nut friend of mine for a engine. . . The 91 integra had the timing belt off of it. .. I towed it home and reinstalled a belt. .. .and fired it up. . . .sounds good 120,000 miles on it.. . . . so it should be a decent engine ran a compression check on it and its holding between 180 - 185 in all cylinders. . .

I was just going to slam it in to the red car but since I just got the white one to drive around for transportation I am going to pull it down and install some b16a2 pistons from a 94 del slow vtec. . we found a local machine shop that sells the pistons pins and rings REALLY CHEAP this puts you at about 10.5:1 on the compression Going to go with the 92 and up intake cam as its profile is a little more agressive and drop it in and see what happens.. . . If i can come up with a little more cash I am going to go with the same set of beast cams that my buddy has. . . . . .he runs this same setup in his dirt track integra and it has proven itself about bullet proof... of course with the pistons going in it will get some fresh rod and main bearings . .. .

Cant wait to see how this setup performs in my little hf. . . i know its not as extravagent as some of the setups that you guys have. . . . i am just on a really low buck budget so I am really excited about getting pistons and such. . and having a relitivaly fresh engine. . . .
it should run pretty good . . I thoght the old b18 in the primered car ran good and here we found that the timing belt was retarded a tooth in it. . . .and i still thought it pulled hard compared to my a6 can twait to have a fresh one running right with a little more compression and a little hotter cam. . . im going to throw my chipped pr4 at it and hope for the best. . . . . oh yeah there is still the zex kit in there so i have a 50 shot of the cold stuff on tap if i really need it. . . . YEAH sorry for the rant i just came from the garage and am really escited about my new setup. . .
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